FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

You may know something about face yoga already. In my experience, I find that some questions keep coming up, so I have have included the FAQ here.

Once or twice a day
It’s ideal to practice face yoga twice a day for faster results, but if you only have time for once a day, that’s absolutely fine. Ideally, do face yoga in the morning to awaken your facial muscles and again before going to bed to release all the tension you’ve accumulated during the day and to reset your face. Remember also that paying attention to sleeping habits and facial expressions during the day is vital for you to achieve the greatest results.

Warm up that pretty face
I would normally say that each yoga pose should be done 3 times. I recommend doing 5 poses in each session, whereas the first pose is a warm-up pose to prepare your face for action. The warm-up doesn’t need to take long, but just as you would walk a little before starting to run, do the same thing here. After warming up, you are ready and able to focus on the specific muscles you want to target.

Things take time
Be patient and remember that everything new takes time to learn. Sometimes you’ll wrinkle your forehead, hold your breath or tense up while performing a pose because you’re focusing too much. It’s all good – soon you’ll be familiar with the poses, your facial expressions and muscles and will find it fascinating that YOU are now in charge of your facial moves.

Oh no!
You’ll probably look in the mirror and wonder if you’re doing the poses correctly. My best advice to you is, don’t overdo, pull, or force it. Less is more, and as long as you’re doing this consistently, you’ll eventually see results. When you buy the online 6-Week Lift & Sculpt Course, you’ll also be part of my closed Facebook group where I go live online to support you in your journey and where we all lift, motivate and share experiences, tips, before/after pictures, etc.

Isolation & Activation
The facial muscles, unlike body muscles, are small and delicate, so it can be hard in the beginning to isolate and activate one specific area. Therefore, my 6-Week Lift & Sculpt Course is divided into 6-week sessions, during which we’ll first target the forehead and eye areas, and then our cheeks, mouth, nasolabial lines and finally the neck and jawline area, so that you can target those area(s) that you need to improve after completing the course.

It’s important to follow a structured program if you want to achieve lasting results. Performing poses randomly will never have the same effect as following the right sequence of exercises. Consider me your personal face trainer. I have gathered the best of both worlds (cosmetology and face yoga) in my online 6-Week Lift & Sculpt Course so you don’t have to worry about which exercises to do daily or how to do them.

About Face Yoga

  • How long does a daily face yoga routine take?
    It takes approximately 15 minutes. a day. Perform your daily routine both morning and evening for faster results.
  • How long before I see results?
    It’s individual, so you shouldn’t compare yourself to others. Some people see results after 2 weeks, while others may wait up to 2 months to see a difference. It depends very much on age, lifestyle and your commitment level.
  • Am I too old?
    It’s never too late to start exercising your face. Even if you have some more prominent lines and sagging skin, my face yoga course can still help you achieve smoother skin and tone your facial muscles to help you slow down the aging process.
  • Am I too young?
    The aging process starts in our mid-20s, and even though we don’t see signs of aging then, they are on their way. I never recommend that anyone start using face yoga before their 20s, but it’s a natural alternative to commercial products, so it will benefit you to give your face a workout before gravity begins to take its toll.
  • Will I get more wrinkles with face yoga?
    We constantly express our feelings through facial movements – but the difference is that when we intentionally tone facial muscles, we can promote the skin’s blood circulation and help tighten the area. This means that we aren’t causing any new or unwanted wrinkles since we’re controlling the movements.
  • Can I do face yoga if I have acne-prone skin?
    Yes, you can easily do the face yoga poses, because we are working on the inside muscles. However, I don’t recommend doing massages, because too much stimulation can lead to infections and breakouts.
  • Can I exercise if I’ve had Botox treatments?
    If you´ve had Botox treatments, you may not be able to exercise that specific area, but since you’ll be familiar with the exercises, you can start using them when the Botox effect ends. However, I don’t know if the exercise can potentially shorten the working time for the Botox, so I always advise consulting your clinic.

About Courses and Products

  • How will I know if I’m performing the poses the right way?
    I will guide you thoroughly in the online 6-Week Lift & Sculpt Course videos that you will be performing on a daily basis for 6-weeks. If you have additional questions, you can post them in my closed FB group that’s only for “Lift & Sculpt” customers. I go live once a month to answer questions and support you in your journey.
  • Does the 6-week Lift & Sculpt Course also target my neck?
    Yes, absolutely! The 6-week online course works your entire face AND neck. In less than two months, you will have improved every inch of your face and neck, including turkey neck, double chin, and horizontal lines on the neck.
  • Why choose my online 6-Week Lift & Sculpt Course?
    My course is unique; it’s the first of its kind to combine face yoga AND facial massage.
    My aim is also to make your daily skincare routine something everyone understands and feels comfortable with. I’ve met so many women who still are confused about how and when to apply different skincare products. I want to change that.
  • Where and how can I access the course?
    You can access the course on mobile phones, laptops, iPads and most computers.
    This means you can practice where and when you want to.