About me

A bit about my journey

I was certified as a cosmetologist in 2003 because I have always been drawn to beauty. Shortly after that, I threw myself into the academic world and attained both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in International Business Communication and English Language. At the same time, my family life also grew with the arrival of each of my 3 children.
Yet, even with all of this, I found myself – believe it or not! – coming back to beauty.

I was suddenly much older, with 3 kids, having lived in 3 different countries, and of course my appearance had changed. I have never really had any skin problems, but being as busy as I was, the skincare routine was not always first on my priority list, even though I have always been good to my skin.

I started to look for natural alternatives to commercial beauty products, because I’m a true believer in the power of our hands and that we should appreciate our unique features and beauty – and ‘flaws’.

I encountered face yoga in 2019 and started practicing it. I was immediately hooked on it, enrolled shortly afterwards and received my certification in December 2020. Since then, many things have happened, and I enjoy my life and work more than ever before. I’m doing something I love that gives me so much joy in life.

“I’m a true believer in natural beauty and want you to know the true power of hands.”

My wish

I want you to know that skincare doesn’t need to be complicated
I want to make skincare easy to understand. I have realized that many women don’t have a proper skincare routine, because they simply don’t know where to start and finish with all the products on the market. And I understand — a list with 7 different products as part of the morning routine can make even me short of breath.

I want Face Yoga to change your life, too
Face yoga has changed my life for the better, and I want it to change your life too. When I started my face yoga journey, I realized that I needed to replace some of my habits in order to have a completely fulfilled life. One of them was to give myself a minimum of 15 minutes a day to sit down, take a deep breath and perform my face yoga routine.

I have always been into fitness and exercise, so it made such good sense to me that of course I should also exercise my face muscles to look and feel better.

We face yoga teachers say that if you don’t use them (muscles), you will lose them. Moreover, face yoga is a holistic approach to anti-aging, because you can target all the problem areas that come along with aging; we are talking about everything from crow’s feet to smile lines. You can even tone your neck and jawline for a firmer and more lifted look, all of this in a natural way, so you can shine from the inside out.

I want you to know the true power of facial massage
I have always massaged my skin when applying products, not only so the products will penetrate deeper but also because this helps promote healthy skin while relaxing my facial muscles. When I massage my face, I get to understand it better, I see how it reacts to my touch, to the pressure, and I read the signals it’s sending me, and I listen.

I also know for a fact that massaging your face for 1-2 minutes a day can make a difference that you will both see and feel, so do yourself a favor and start!