Vivien, 26 y.o. from Hungary

“I managed to make a big difference in my cheekbone, jawline, and neck area.”

I was researching (online) how to improve my face and chin, and I found Face Yoga Monna on Instagram.
I started to use her exercises every day, and I now have my daily routine.

In 2 months, I managed to make a big difference in my cheekbone, jawline, and neck area, and I am waiting for her program to launch, as I do not always know which exercises should go together.

I know I will be doing face yoga for the rest of my life.

Gina, 47 y.o. from US Virgin Islands

“Face yoga invigorates me in the morning and soothes me before I sleep.”

I discovered Face Yoga Monna on Instagram a few months ago, and I have been hooked ever since.
I am 47 and have been wanting to improve my daily self-care routine when it comes to my skin.

Since doing face yoga exercises for a few months, using my fingers, rollers, and gua sha, I am noticing improvement in the smoothness of my skin.
Face yoga invigorates me in the morning and soothes me before I sleep.
It releases toxins and improves circulation as well as releases tension and stress I hold in my face.
I look forward to continuing to learn from Monna’s online program, as her tutorials are always refreshing, created with care, and geared toward people like myself who want to live a healthier and holistic lifestyle.

Priyanka, 31 y.o. from India

“I can do these poses every day, anytime, and anywhere.”

Along with the joys of becoming a mother for the first time came many unwanted changes to my skin.
I wanted to rectify these naturally, which is when I stumbled upon Face Yoga Monna.

The videos posted on Instagram were so well explained and demonstrated that I started working on my daily skin care routine.
I found it to be surprisingly convenient because I could do these poses every day, anytime and anywhere.

I started seeing a difference in my skin in just 10 days.
Monna is uplifting and encouraging in addressing my concerns, and I am eager for the 6-week program to launch so that I can follow it consistently and achieve further results.

Yolanda, 52 y.o. from Oman

“(Monna’s) beautiful posts are short, self-explanatory, and so easy to follow.”

It was by chance that I stumbled across Face Yoga Monna on Instagram, and I am so grateful.

At 52, I was starting to feel a bit deflated about my skin and fine lines.
I have also been noticing quite a few changes in my face shape and expressions due to collagen reduction and the ageing process.

Monna’s tutorials on using the jade roller, gua sha, ice globes, and my own hands for facial exercises have really help me rejuvenate my skin.

Most importantly for me, her beautiful posts are short, self-explanatory, and so easy to follow.
It is a daily habit now, both morning and evening, and a natural path that I am eager to continue following.

I am waiting for her 6-week online course, as I am sure it will make everything come together.

Diana, 39 y.o. from Sri Lanka

“The wrinkles on my forehead have disappeared.”

I have been following Face Yoga Monna for over 2 months now.

I have noticed that the wrinkles on my forehead have disappeared and my skin is clearer and firmer.
I have less acne following the gua sha, jade roller, and ice globes routine.
I love it and spend 20 minutes a day doing these face exercises.

I love how my skin feels and looks, and I cannot wait for Monna to launch her program, so that I can have a fixed routine to follow.

Anouk, 29 y.o. from the Nederlands

“I am seeing a decrease in my marionette lines when I smile.”

A few months ago, I started taking better care of myself again – especially my face, because that was my last “body issue”.
I can proudly say that I recovered from an eating disorder a few years ago, but the obsession and dedication to be in control of what I looked like has stayed with me, as well as my naturally voluptuous face. So, I chose to start exercising my face.
The first face yoga expert who I came across was Monna.
Because of her relaxed, friendly, and honest approach, I chose Monna to coach me through this process. Her “classes” are so peaceful, and I follow her first thing in the morning and the last thing before I go to bed.
The 15 minutes a day that I spend working on my face has become my “me time”. I am seeing changes already such as a decrease in my marionette lines when I smile, and a less puffy face when I wake up.
Step by step, I am falling more in love with me!

Samar, 40 y.o. from Sweden

“(Monna) has inspired me to take back my breathing space.”

I am a busy career mom with 3 small children who strives to maintain my health and fitness levels.
With such a hectic lifestyle, I realised that I need to also stop for some breathing space during the day.
I discovered Monna, and she has inspired me to focus on myself and my face for 15 minutes a day and take back my breathing space. These 15 minutes make such a difference in my life.

I suggested that she should make a course for all of us who are wanting to take better care of ourselves.
I can see and feel a difference in my face, and I only wish that I had found Face Yoga Monna sooner!